Bidwell Truck sells and installs Bak, Undercover, Roll-n-Lock, Retrax, Pace Edwards and Extang truck bed tonneau covers.

Tonneau covers come in different styles: hard to soft, retractable to folding, and with styles in between. Bidwell Truck sells the best tonneau covers in the truck accessories market. We offer installation here at our shop, and if you order a tonneau truck bed cover from us, we'll give you a 20% discount off the bed cover installation.

Considering a truck bed cover?

  • Security and weather protection: There are two primary reasons people add tonneau covers to their truck beds: security and weather protection. A tonneau cover will keep the cargo in your bed both protected from mother nature and safe from prying eyes and sticky fingers. Depending on what kind of cover you decide to install, your bed could become more secure than your cab.
  • Installation: The difficulty of installation varies from one cover design to another. A soft tri-fold can be installed in less than ten minutes with no tools required while covers that require rails to be installed separately first can take between 45 minutes to an hour with basic hand tools. The majority of tonneau covers use bolt on or hand tightened clamps that require no drilling. A few brands do require some minor drilling on the tailgate for installation. Additionally, some stepside truck beds will require drilling for any cover at all to be installed since they don't have bed rails for clamps to fasten to.
  • Maintenance: Most tonneau covers do not require any maintenance besides cleaning with soap and water. For a vinyl tonneau, a UV protectant such as Extang Tonno Tonic should be used from time to time to keep the cover in good shape . The only tonneau covers that require routine mechanical maintenance are retractable tonneau covers which should have their rails lubricated occasionally to ensure ease of movement. ReTrax and GatorTrax retractable tonneau covers are exceptions to this rule as they include sealed ball bearings and require no maintenance.
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20% Off Installation if You Buy a Bed Cover From Bidwell Truck

Bak Tonneau Truck Bed Covers

Bak offers hard folding tonneau covers, rack integrated tonneau covers, retractable tonneau covers, and rolling tonneau covers. Please call Bidwell Truck for more information about Bak and we will get the right cover for your truck and at the right price.

Bak Truck Bed Cover

Extang Tonneau Truck Bed Covers

Extang offers roll-up, folding, snap style and snapless tonneau bed covers. Their Encore and Trifecta series tonneau bed covers are well designed, each built to rigorous design standards, and they perform beyond truck owner's highest expectations. Bidwell Truck offers the complete line of Extang tonneau covers, and if you are interested in what Extang has for your particular truck, give us a call--we are here to help you get the right cover and the best price locally Chico and the Tri-County area.

Extand Tonneau Cover

Undercover Tonneau Truck Bed Covers

UnderCover engineers designed an exceptional hard tri-folding cover. The “FLEX” cover features a low profile, flush fit design and has the ability to lock securely in three different positions, providing up to full access to the bed without removing the cover. FLEX has become one of the best-selling covers in the industry – and the new ULTRA FLEX takes it a step further with additional standard features, including interior lighting, carpeted underside and a saddlebag storage box.


Retrax Tonneau Truck Bed Covers

The RetraxPRO retractable truck bed cover is part of the Premium Aluminum Series covers. The Premium Aluminum Series covers are constructed from industrial strength aluminum slats that provide unsurpassed strength and ruggedness. The RetraxPRO not only provides rugged protection for your truck bed it also provides a patented low-profile design that enhances the appearance of your truck. The compact storage container features a unique spiral track system that prevents the cover from coming into contact with itself as it opens and closes. The operation of this cover allows it to always stay flush to the rails and creates a dependable seal to help keep the elements out and protect your cargo.

The RetraxONE retractable truck bed cover is part of the Polycarbonate Series covers. The rigid polycarbonate construction provides superior impact resistance and ultimate UV protection allowing the cover to perform in temperatures from -50 to +200°F. Unlike the competition, the RetraxONE is manufactured in a one-piece sheet that is engineered to retract without joints, hinges, or moving mechanisms that can trap dust, wear out, or freeze. This is truly a maintenance free truck bed cover.


Pace Edwards Tonneau Truck Bed Covers

Pace Edwards bed covers are made to specifically fit your year and model of pickup truck, and feature some of the most forward-thinking retractable designs on the market. The rack option tonnos produced by Pace-Edwards to match the company’s contractor rig systems are also ingenious in their functionality and ease of use, allowing you to carry more gear without sacrificing use of your truck bed cover. Choose from the SwitchBlade, Roll Top, Jack Rabbit, and BedLocker lines, and call Bidwell Truck if you have any questions about Pace Edwards bed covers.


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